Posted by Casey S. on Feb 05, 2021

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Design Custom Socks

Why Now Is The Perfect Time
To Design Custom Socks

From poor quality t-shirts to plain old pens to yet another reusable bag, corporate America is overflowing with boring and often useless swag. Instead of gifting your hard-working employees and valued clients with something that will probably end up in the garbage, give them something they will love and actually use — a quality pair of custom socks.

Custom socks are the perfect marketing tool to promote your company. With unique and eye-catching designs that flaunt your company’s logo or brand name (or both), custom socks advertise your company in a fun and unique way.

Plus, because company swag should reflect the quality of your company, you shouldn’t settle for cheap products that don’t do your organization justice. Custom socks show that you value quality and satisfaction.

Remember — promotional products only spread your name when people actually wear them. Instead of reverting to over-used and boring company swag, order quality, custom socks, which are sure to be worn — and sure to be enjoyed.

"A few weeks after we gifted socks designed with DeadSoxy the praise keeps rolling in. It's fun to see our brand equity grow in a fun and fashionable way. One of our marketing uniques here at RTA is to be easy to work with. It's a delight to partner with another team that exemplifies that value. Thanks DeadSoxy!"

~ John Whittington Roof Top Anchor

Custom Socks: The Perfect Way To
Show Your Appreciation

Let’s face it — times have been tough recently. Businesses small and large are facing challenges like never before, and company morale is being tested. However, there are many parties that make doing what you do possible, from employees to partners to clients to investors.

Now is the time to thank them and show them how much you value their contribution to your company.

Instead of reverting to the tired, cliche gift that never gets used or seen, opt for custom socks, which are guaranteed to delight the recipient, catch the eye of others, and provide a much-needed boost of morale.


Here are a few reasons why custom socks are the perfect gift to show your appreciation.

Everyone Wears Socks

A good corporate gift caters to the likes and needs of a wide variety of people. From partners to employees to potential clients, you need a gift that anyone will enjoy. Unfortunately, not all people wear hats, drink coffee, or want to wear a t-shirt that screams your company name.

But everyone wears socks.

Custom socks are a subtle and classy item of clothing that display your company name or logo without being overwhelming. What’s more, they’ll make the recipient smile each time they put on their comfy pair of socks with your company name.


Custom Socks are a Quality Item

Mass-made t-shirts often shrink in the wash. Logos rub off of mugs. Pens that display company names often run dry within months. The majority of corporate gifts are made for quantity — not quality.


Cheap gifts show lack of thought and appreciation. Custom socks, however, are seen as a valuable, quality item.


Whether you opt for dress socks, casual socks, or no-show socks, anyone that has purchased socks (hint: everyone) knows that a quality pair isn’t pocket change, and they’ll appreciate the value.

Custom Socks Make Memorable Gifts

Corporate gifts are often forgotten moments after opening. T-shirts go to the bottom of the drawer, pens go into junk drawers, and, let’s face it, magnets all go into the garbage.


Custom socks are a gift that people will remember. Instead of falling into the “been there, done that” category, they’ll stand out as a gift that shows consideration and care.

Custom Socks Make Preparing For Your Next Event Easy

Planning for a major event — whether in-person or virtual — can make your to-do list feel never-ending. From invites to catering to entertainment, there’s already a lot on your plate.

Throw in finding a gift that people will actually enjoy, and it’s no wonder that most people end up with the typical t-shirt or mug.

Custom socks may seem like you’ve spent a ton of time and money on your gift, when it’s actually the opposite. With simple and straightforward pricing, you’ll know exactly what your budget can afford — without any unwelcome surprises. And with free design and your own design team, you won’t have to worry about ensuring your socks reflect the personality of your company.

Custom socks make great gifts for events, such as:



Pledge drives

Trade shows

Holiday parties

Product launch parties

Any other event your company can imagine!


Because ordering custom socks is easy, you can shorten your to-do list by one and put your energy into making your company event shine.

Custom Socks: The Gift That Fits Any Occasion

Imagine meeting with a new hire and realizing you have nothing to give as a gift to welcome them to the company. Or, picture talking to a potential client and letting them walk away with no tangible item to remember you or your company.

Both of these scenarios — and many more — are undeniably awkward. However, they’re also avoidable by having custom socks on hand to fit any occasion. Because custom socks come with designs that anyone will love and sizes to accommodate any individual, you can use them as a planned gift, or you can use them as a spur-of-the-moment swag offering.

Keep custom socks on hand to give to:


Potential clients

New hires


New partners

Possible investors

Anyone you want to show a little extra appreciation for.


Whether you’ve planned ahead or a getting a gift for someone has slipped your mind, custom socks show thought and purpose — and you’ll never be accused of boring company swag.

Going Virtual? Let Custom Socks Reconnect You

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many challenges at companies small and large. As many employees continue to work from home, meetings remain virtual, and people stay separated, it may be difficult to ensure the people who make your company what it is feel connected and valued.

Custom socks are a personal, unique way to build new relationships and strengthen the ones you already have — even virtually. By sending custom socks directly to a client or employee, they’ll know you put the time and effort into providing them with a gift they’ll enjoy.

Connect at a distance with custom socks by sending a gift package to valued employees, potential clients, important donors, or anyone else you appreciate. Throw in a note of gratitude, and your custom socks will show you recognize how they contribute to your company.

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Your Partner in Quality Custom Socks

Custom socks make unforgettable company swag that people actually want. So, what are you waiting for? At DeadSoxy, we make quality custom socks that everyone in and outside of your company will love.

At DeadSoxy, we aren’t a custom sock company — we’re a premium brand that makes custom socks. With our 5 years of experience, 2 patents, 150 retailers, and over 500,000 pairs sold, we have learned a lot about socks and what people value in a custom pair.

Our premium standards, free design service, and extensive experience mean we make designing and ordering your custom socks easy and worthwhile. If you have a vision (or you need some inspiration), we can bring that to life and create custom socks that reflect the high standards and unique personality of your company.


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