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The Children Need Our Help

We're teaming up with Vogel Alcove to help young children in the Dallas area overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness.

Vogel Alcove's mission is that every child has a home, a self-sufficient family and a foundation for success in school and life.

We are committing 50% of the proceeds of our Vogel Alcove line to support the Vogel Alcove mission. More than that we're getting the children involved.

Read more about our program below or click shop now to help us make a difference.

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Vogel Alcove x DeadSoxy Collab

50% of the proceeds from this collaboration will be pledged to Vogel Alcove. Learn More About Vogel Alcove

Designed by Kids

Our idea was to create a contest for children at Vogel Alcove to design a custom sock and craft a story of why the design was created.

The winning socks are being produced and sold, with 50% of all proceeds directly benefitting Vogel Alcove’s programs and services.

Our mission is to also help educate a new audience to the programs and services of Vogel Alcove.

Shown to the right are the top 6 designs submitted by our little artists.

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  • NBCF - Blue with Pink Ribbons
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    Vogel Alcove - Fox
    "I wanted to be creative and make sprinkles rain from the sky, and I like it because the fox's name is Sprinkles. Real life is cool, but kind of boring. On my sock there's a world where it rains sprinkles." Jennessa - Age 7
  • NBCF - Light Pink with Dark Pink Ribbons
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    Vogel Alcove - Music
    Inspiration: "Music is kinda my escape and I just really love music. That's all." Julius S. - Age 12
  • Vogel Alcove - Superhero
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    Vogel Alcove - Superhero
    "This is a kid superhero, who is actually standing on the ground. But, in his mind, he's flying in the clouds. Superheroes don't have to have special powers, they just have to help people. Like people who save a cat, or people who are policemen, or just being kind to others." AnaLaura - Age 12

Join Us & Help Break the Cycle!

Working with our School Age program, DeadSoxy Founder, Jason Simmons, helped design a contest in which all of Vogel Alcove's school-aged children would participate in a project to design a sock and write a story about their design.

There were dozens of designs that were drawn and submitted.

Through a public polling campaign, the designs were narrowed down to the top 3 socks to be produced and sold.

You can join the Vogel Alcove mission right now by choosing a sock below and making a purchase.

Who is Vogel Alcove?

Homeless children are the most invisible and neglected members of our community. With 90% ofbrain development happening by the age of 5, Vogel Alcove intervenes with children at this crucial time in brain development, providing trauma-informed care that helps to counteract the effects of homelessness and put them in a path to success in school.

Vogel Alcove is devoted to breaking the cycle of homelessness.