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These designs were created by kids, specifically for this partnership 50% of the proceeds from each purchase is given to the charity

We couldn’t stand seeing kids in need, so DeadSoxy has partnered with Vogel Alcove in Dallas to do what we can to combat homelessness in children. Each sock design was custom-made by one of the children at Vogel Alcove, and voted on to be part of this fun collaboration. Shop now for the best socks you’ll ever find!

  • Multi-color sock

  • Superhero design

  • Fits men size 8-13

  • Fits women size 9-14

Design Inspiration by AnaLaura - Age 12

"This is a kid superhero, who is actually standing on the ground. But, in his mind, he's flying in the clouds. Superheroes don't have to have special powers, they just have to help people. Like people who save a cat, or people who are policemen, or just being kind to others."

Product is made of super soft combed cotton with a little stretch.
Here is the exact fabric makeup:
  • 75% Combed Cotton
  • 20% Polyester
  • 5% Elastane
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    These are really cute and comfortable socks

    Posted by Hermila on Apr 07, 2021

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Cotton is a natural lightweight fiber with excellent breathability.

“ Softer feel than anything I have worn before! ”

- Daniel Clarke


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