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Meet Travis

Creator of Art and Experiences

Meet Travis

Artist and Creator of Experiences

not.travis is a Dallas based contemporary artist who has pioneered a one-of-a-kind brand and name for himself in the art world by curating innovative and bold works of art. He uses unconventional techniques to create abstract paintings, street art, murals, sculptures, fashionwear, and digital content and combines photography editing with acrylics, spray paint, neon lights, and metal elements to deliver trend-setting installations of vibrant color palettes that are recognizably him.

Uncomfortable is his norm, and why he continuously aspires to go bigger and more experiential with each new artistic endeavor. not.travis is the co-founder and creator of one of Texas’ most successful immersive art exhibits, and his highly sought works of art have been featured at Miami’s Art Basel, and countless other exclusive shows across the United States. He is currently developing his fourth permanent immersive art exhibit Gallery DeFi, scheduled to debut in 2022.


Summer 2022 Capsule Collab

The goal is to be able to transfer a signature style across all mediums


The goal is to be able to transfer a signature style across all mediums


We sat down with Travis...


What drives you to create art and experiences?

The general act of creating and the journey you go on completing an art piece, would be a main driving force of why I create. Getting lost during the creation process and figuring things out along the way is really what I love. I feel like my best work tends to be created spontaneously and in the moment. Being able to offer a glimpse of that feeling through my art and immersive experiences is something I strive to do with every thing I create.

How has your style evolved over time?

I always want to constantly be learning and evolving as an artist. I first began with photography, to painting, to murals, to sculpture, and now to clothing. The goal is to be able to transfer a signature style across all mediums and that is one thing that I am looking forward to most through my collaboration with DeadSoxy.

Share the inspiration behind this collab.

Fashion and clothing has always been something I wanted to get into. With the timing of me launching my own clothing line, it only made sense to do a collaboration with another Dallas based clothing company. DeadSoxy takes a very hands-on approach and puts emphasis on the details, which as an artist I can appreciate. Excited to contribute my style to what DeadSoxy already does well.

Not.Travis Collab 4-Pack Bundle

not.travis capsule ss22
4-pack bundle

$96.00 $89.95


Some of the proceeds from this collab will be donated to Sadie Keller Foundation.

Learn more about Sadie Keller Foundation

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