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Mesh Sock Wash Bag - 2-Pack

  • Description

    This bag is going to change your laundry life forever. 

    Losing a sock isn't fun. On average a person loses an average of 1.3 socks per month in the washing cycle, which equates to 15.6 socks each year. That’s a lot of socks. We thought this was a problem worth solving.

    Save your socks with our new and improved mesh sock washer bag.  


    Bundle contains 2 wash bags. 



    Place your socks in the bag inside out, close it, and throw it in the wash and dryer. The mesh fabric allows water, detergent, and warm air inside. The zipper enclosure and zipper pouch will keep the bag closed. In the end, your socks will be clean, and your easy-to-lose pieces will be in one place and out of harm's way. No more lost socks, stretched out delicates, or snagged sweaters. 

    Our bag works perfectly with all of your base layer items like socks, undies, bras, pantyhose, workout gear, and baby clothing. 


  • Fabric
    Our mesh sock wash bag is made from breathable and fast-drying polyester.
  • Size

    This bag is designed to hold at least 2 week's worth of socks. 

    - 15.75 inches long

    - 22 inches in diameter 

    - This bag works well with 18+ pairs


  • Features

    Protect your delicates and keep all your small items in one place during the laundry cycle. 

    - No more losing socks or undies.

    - No more snags on the delicates. 



    - None metal zipper means no clinking around in the dryer, and will no rust ever

    - A 2.5 inch loop woven into the bag for hanging and a zipper on the end for "dunking socks" into the bag when its hanging

    - The size of this bag is impressive. You could easily get 24 pairs of socks in here



    Based on feedback from customers who used V1, we made the following improvements to our wash bag. 

    - The Loop - We improved and repositioned the loop to hang the bag. We made it more durable and  moved it to the bottom center of the mesh bag. 

    - A New Zipper - We added a zipper on the end of the bag with the loop. This provides an easier way to get the socks in the bag.

    - A Bigger Bag - We increased the size of the bag to hold 18-24 pairs of socks. 

    - Improved both Zippers - We also improved the quality of the zippers. 


  • What you'll love

    We're here to make your base layer your best layer. That includes protecting your socks!


    Here is what you'll love about this sock laundry bag. 

    - Made from an incredibly soft mesh woven with a fine microfiber nylon blended yarn

    - No metal zipper means no clinking around in the dryer, and will never rust

    - Loop for hanging and zipper on the end allows for easy "dunking" socks into the bag



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