The Jove’s color is called “storm,” but its demeanor is as-cool-as the other side of the pillow. The darker base is easy to match but will also provide a mysterious little flavor. The solid design might be classified as a basic, but our improvements make wearing them anything but…


Jove has all the most advanced sock-tech available today. Including a completely flat toe seam because no one likes to feel seams, an arch support to keep the foot from moving in the sock, and a deeper heel contour so your foot sits down securely as it should.


The Jove also has the latest version of our patent pending silicone TrueStay™ technology that keeps the socks in place and exactly where you put them until YOU take them off. With all that tech, wrapped in Bamboo (the softest yarn known to man), it’s hard to believe they’re environmentally-friendly too.



Medium / Regular Fits Shoe Size

  • Fits Men Size - 8-13
  • Fits Women Size - 9-14
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    My Favorite Color

    This is by far my favorite color of dead soxy socks. Pics can't do it justice! Super rich and bold.

    Posted by Audry on Apr 07, 2021

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Sock Science

Our Patented TrueStay® Technology provides All-Day Stay and Comfort.

Made with Premium Bamboo Yarn

Socks so soft you’ll want to wear them to bed - seriously.

Incredibly soft with a texture similar to cashmere or silk.

Made from environmentally-friendly bamboo on a closed Loop system leaving minimal environmental impact.

Absorbs moisture 300% better than cotton.

Bamboo is known for superior ventilation keeping the foot cool and dry.

Superior moisture absorption and evaporation.

Fantastic shape retention at least 20% better than cotton over the long-term product lifecycle.

“ Softer feel than anything I have worn before! ”

- Daniel Clarke


The “Best damn sock” for all occasions. Follow everywhere we go @DeadSoxy