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How to use custom branded socks

Posted by Winston, Jan 2021

How To Use Custom Branded Socks:
4 Powerful Ways

Do you want to improve your brand awareness almost effortlessly? A promotional item can help. Promotional items are effective to improve client and customer loyalty. Creating custom socks can be a totally unique way to fill a need almost all of us have - all while standing out. Custom branded socks can also help generate leads and sales. They work similarly to a business card but often deliver a better result by starting a more personal conversation.

According to data, 83% of Americans love to receive promotional products with advertising imprinted. 89% of people who got a promotional production the past 2 years remember the company name. So it’s a no-brainer why you need customized items nowadays.

In this article, we’ll see how custom branded socks improve your business and how you can use socks as a promotional item. Let’s get right into it:


Effective marketing strategies, along with the proper tools and items, guarantee positive results. Fundraisers offer the scope to distribute promotional products to raise money. For instance: you can raise capital by designing your own sock fundraiser. Select your company’s colors and add some cool designs like polka dots or stripes. You can hand these out and ask for donations - this way, all your fun designs can be used for good. And you can reach a big group of people pretty easily. Plus, you can establish yourself as a leader in the community. Such goodwill can’t be distributed via typical advertisement.

You can take it one step further - raise funds using the products as an incentive to hit a specific amount of money. The person donating or raising the most will get a prize. To do this, simply put together a lunch table at a local event to get attention or just visit school events, such as soccer games. It’ll be great branding too. What’s more - don’t forget the people who donated their time too. Thank your volunteers and staff who made it possible.

Trade show & Conference Giveaways

You can’t bore people into taking an interest in what you do. Thus, you is necessary. The promotional item will help you stand out against the competitors.

That said, there’s an almost never-ending supply of merchandise and promotional items out there. And anything that’s thrown out or not used frequently doesn’t pack much value. So the key is to give away products that people regularly use - relevant and useful.

What’s more -- we believe socks serve as the best trade show giveaways. Besides making a fantastic impression, it’s a gift people will use even when the event ends. So before the event, design your customized socks. Add brand logos, colors, and slogans so whenever people put on your socks, they recall your company.

Gift for Prospects / Current Clients

If you’ve got a potential client / customer that you want as a client, an excellent way to strike that relationship is to offer a gift basket full of promotional products. Throw in products you know your potential customer will use but will leave a long-lasting impression.

While your socks will remind them about your company, add some other items to raise the value. Chances are, the kind move would drive them to phone you and open an opportunity to make them a client. This method is effective because nobody goes the extra mile and pitches the prospects head-on, which they’ve grown numb to. Even a study says 85% of people buy from the advertiser once they receive a promotional product.

You can also give such gifts to your current clients. When you give a promotional product, it shows that you care. It triggers a feeling of wanting to help you back by buying your product / services. According to a study, people were a lot more likely to go to a booth and hear out a pitch if there was a promotional product involved.

Employee Appreciation

Company employees with solid, engaging environments and recognition bring substantial enhancements to your business. When you make an effort to appreciate employees, it aids in building a quality company culture to boost revenue. Some other benefits are: increases your staff productivity, boosts profitability, retains top talent, creates a collaborative workspace, inspires them to work harder, so on and so forth.

And remember - your employees are some of the best ambassadors at your disposal who can wear your products. Handing out free socks to your employees can be a fantastic way to appreciate them while ensuring they represent your brand when they’re out. Besides getting the name out, your employees can also answer and drive leads if people ask about the company. And since socks are a constant when it comes to dressing, why not take advantage of them?

Closing Thoughts

There you have it. As you can see, there are several ways to use socks as promotional products.

How do you go about using them?

Did we leave out any great ideas?