No-Show Sock 3-Pack - Manager 9



This 3-Pack of no show socks reminds us of nature with the Eaton, Juno, and Hardy. The Eaton is a rose-brown base sock with blue floral pattern and metallic details, the Juno is a vibrant blue-green solid green no-show, and the Hardy is an ash-grey base with a falling leave pattern.


These nature inspired designs, along with our entire no-show line, is made out of premium bamboo yarn. Bamboo is super soft, super durable, and environmentally friendly.


These socks are complete with our all-day stay technology. Your socks will stay in place until you take them off… Our no shows won’t peel off the heel we guarantee it.



-       Small

o   Mens Shoe Size: Up to a 9

o   Womens Shoe Size: Up to a 10

-       Regular

o   Mens Shoe Size: 9-13

o   Womens Shoe Size: 10-14

Product is made of super soft bamboo with a little stretch.
Here is the exact fabric makeup:
  • 75% Bamboo Rayon
  • 20% Polyester
  • 5% Elastane


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