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Why Should I Consider a Sock Fundraiser?

Custom socks are one of the most underrated items that are used as part of a fundraiser. Many think of old donated socks, or the store bought ones that everyone can go out and buy on their own without donating. Which is why when you're doing a fundraiser you want to go above and beyond, you want to show value in what you are offering as an incentive to donate. A premium product that tells the story of your cause is just one of the many ways to achieve this.


Custom Socks may be your new secret weapon...

When it comes to fundraising, the goal is to raise funds for a cause that's doing some good in the world. The challenge most people find when fundraising is that it can be difficult to find a project that will resonate with people, and inspire them to purchase, donate, or take action.


For a fundraising campaign to be effective, the product or gift must be something of value that the recipient will use and hopefully appreciate. And if done really well, the product or gift might even energize, activate, and engage the community. However, if done poorly an experience with low-quality products has a double negative effect on reputation and cash.

Socks might just be your new secret weapon.

Research shows we wear our favorite socks more often than we do any other clothing item. No matter where people are from or what they do, socks are an essential item and part of the daily life of billions of people from all walks of life.


It turns out the ankle is valuable and impactful real estate. Socks are a conversation starter and have the power to make an impression and get noticed.


Breast Cancer Awareness Socks
  • Socks are an affordable budget-friendly option that you can sell at a reasonable price.

  • Everyone wears socks.

  • Our socks have a high perceived value because we give our charity organization patterns the same retail-ready product that we sell in hundreds of retailers.

  • Socks are an easy fundraiser idea.

  • You can use the socks across multiple campaigns since the shelf-life is longer than perishable items.

  • Most branded sock companies offer low minimum order quantities. Ours is 120 pairs per order.

  • You can usually get free shipping and free samples to test the quality. We offer all-inclusive pricing and free shipping on all orders.

  • Sock campaigns are easily shared with friends, co-workers, parents, and family increasing the potential reach.


How Does a Custom Socks Fundraiser Work

There are a few ways you can use socks to raise capital.

Purchase and Sell

Traditional sock fundraising usually involves buying socks and then selling them, raising money with each pair of socks sold. For this program to have the most impact, you need a manufacturing partner or a custom sock company that offers lower pricing to charity partners. Since the capital is raised on the margin, it's important to find a premium product that you can produce for lower and sell for higher, increasing the margin.


You can sell them either online or in-person or both.


Selling the product before production is great because it can be done with no initial investment. This usually happens when customers place online orders for socks based on the digital mock designs. However, one drawback is timing. Asking customers to wait weeks after the online sales have gone through before they get the product is a tough ask for any online store.


Gifts that inspire action. Donors want to feel good about where they're putting their resources. They want to know that their contribution will be put into use for good, not just sit in a closet somewhere and gather dust.


Small gestures, such as a call to say "thank you" to donors don't go unnoticed. However, a quality leave-behind they can wear with pride is an important tool in building long-term donor loyalty.

Raffle Prizes

Socks also work great as raffle prizes and as a way to encourage guests to pay for tickets for a chance to win a pair. This is a great way to maximize donations with a larger group and tends to work well with an organization like a school.


You might also use custom socks to inspire quick action by using scarcity by using the proven "The first 100 people to sign up will receive a pair of exclusive custom socks" format.

Thank You Gifts

Another way to consider sock fundraising is to use them as a "thank you" gift for volunteers, participants, and any individuals involved in the success of the event!

What Designs Should I Use to Raise Money?

A big part of fundraising is to tell a story that reaches your guests on an emotional level. Most individuals won’t donate just because they need a new pair of socks— Though that doesn't mean they won't still be enticed by an exclusive premium quality item.


The great thing about using socks for fundraising is that they can act as your canvas to share the story you wish to tell. The most popular design for fundraising is to pair your brand with an inspirational message or something meaningful that can be easily conveyed through a nice pair of socks.


Let's take an example from DeadSoxy's collaboration with Vogel Alcove - A Dallas-based organization that provides care and support for children growing up homeless.


DeadSoxy approached Vogel Alcove with the desire to help their mission by having the children design socks that we put up for sale. And with each pair sold, we donated 50% of the proceeds back to the group.


Sock Fundraiser Campaigns to Consider Now

Looking for some fundraising ideas?

Charity Run

Charity Runs are one of the most common fundraising events in which people can participate. It's a great opportunity to spread awareness about your cause and collect donations from participants who register.


One idea is to design your own socks with the charity logo or race bibs on them as well as fun phrases like "I ran for you." These will make runners feel that they have accomplished something more than just raising money because they were able to complete their goal while also making contributions towards your fundraiser!

Golf Tournament

Socks go very well with all things golf. They make great gifts for member-guest tournaments. It’s impactful to see the bright colors and funky designs peak out during the perfect swing! Or you could go for a more subtle design featuring an inside joke of your country club or an interesting nickname for the golf course.


Silent Auction

Premium branded socks can be a surprisingly effective silent auction item, especially when the designs are unique or come in sets.

The hook with premium socks during a silent auction is when guests get to feel the difference. Buttery soft yarns, seamless design, and added arch will have them donating big to win.

Gala Fundraiser

If you’re looking for something more formal, a custom crew or dress sock in rich, traditional colors may be more appealing to your guests. These are the kinds of socks that look just as good with a suit and tie as they do on the weekends.

Final Thoughts

Fundraising events can be a lot of work and a ton of fun and socks will work great in your fundraising efforts regardless of how they are implemented. Socks never go out of style and are always needed among guests, even if they don't need socks there is usually a desire to support and get an exclusive sock design in return.

Ready To Begin Your Custom Sock Fundraiser Journey?

Whichever industry you're in, a sock fundraiser will add an excellent addition to your fundraising campaign. Your guests will thank you for such a unique gift and their feet will thank them for donating to your cause!


DeadSoxy is proud to work with many charities in their fundraising efforts. We offer special program pricing to cause-based organizations of all types.


We have a design team ready and eager to help you bring your fundraising socks to life.


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