The color of Tellus is called cinnamon stick.” What we love about this color because of the versatility. These premium dress socks can carry from spring to fall without missing a beat. The design may be basic, but the DeadSoxy upgrade takes it to another level.


The Tellus comes with all the most advanced tech on the market. Including a completely flat-toe seam because no one likes to feel a seam, an arch support to keep the foot from sliding in the sock, and a deeper heel contour so your foot sits down securely in the sock as it should.


The Tellus also has the latest version of our patented silicone SmartGrip technology that keeps the socks in place and exactly where you put them until you take them off. All that tech, wrapped in the softest yarn known to man, Bamboo. Our socks are so mega-soft, it’s hard to believe they’re environmentally friendly too.



Medium / Regular Fits Shoe Size

  • Fits Men Size - 8-13
  • Fits Women Size - 9-14



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Savings Meter