Posted by DeadSoxy on Sep 02, 2021

DeadSoxy Changing the Everyday Sock into an Innovation

Socks-no one ever really thinks much of them, even if they affect us more than we might realize. For most of us socks are an important part of our daily lives. The wrong socks can cause a slew of foot problems, blisters, and not to mention ruin an otherwise good day.

Today, one company looks to revolutionize the way people think about socks by focusing on the product-experience. They've gone to great lengths to understand our frustrations at scale to build a better, more informed product. That company is DeadSoxy.

DeadSoxy is a digitally native lifestyle brand that's betting customers will invest in quality and an enhanced product-experience that promises to solve some small frustrations. The company plans to make its mark in the world through innovative consumer-driven design and producing truly premium socks that people love to wear.

The company started almost 7 years ago and has grown into a twenty-three-person team with over 260 retail partners. The company's flagship is its patented TrueStay® sock technology that's designed to keep the socks in place.

"With the help of our community, we invented and patented technology that's incredibly effective at keeping our socks right where you put them," shares the company founder, innovator and disruptor, Jason D. Simmons. "We only produce quality socks with flat seams, premium yarn and all the other features our customers have told us they love."

DeadSoxy's motto is "socks made for the hustle." The company has invented and patented technology that improves the sock-wearing experience. There's a lot of associated discomfort with socks that slip off within the shoe, making some people conscious about their footwear. A focus-group discussion with over eight hundred professionals showed that sliding and slipping socks was the number two complaint. That pain point became the starting line for DeadSoxy, putting the whole company on a mission to solve a global problem that companies had overlooked and simply accepted for the longest time.

Apart from staying in place, DeadSoxy products are incredibly soft, breathable, and fast-drying. They're also quite durable as they keep their shape and appeal even after prolonged use. Consequently, over 800,000 pairs of DeadSoxy products have now landed on happy customer's feet, becoming a force that the hosiery and footwear industry can no longer ignore.

Primarily, DeadSoxy has approached retail with e-commerce in mind. As a result, its online store has taken thousands upon thousands of orders and dispatched them from Dallas to clients from all over the United States and even globally.

At the core of the DeadSoxy corporate culture is a keen obsession with experience… specifically product-experience. Every aspect of its sock design is a deliberate effort to create a better experience, including the seams, materials, arch support, heel shape, length and so many others. The company now has two patents and hopes to add to that portfolio as it continues to think of new ways to improve the experience of what we wear everyday. "We want to make your base layer, your best layer," says Simmons.

DeadSoxy's confidence in its products is on another level as they also provide a risk-free guarantee to new buyers, offering them a full refund on their socks if they don't like the experience or the socks. The company also currently has active programs in custom socks and private label socks and also gets involved in community building by partnering up with charities and celebrities like Tyler Seguin, The Weitz Effect, Vogel Alcove, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and a bunch more.

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