Aime is the perfect amount of understated cool. The floral is easy and subdued yet the metallic yarn accents really pop. With a navy base and white accents, this sock is super versatile and will get a ton of wear. Aime is an ideal match for dark jeans with white sneakers as well as any navy suit or blue slacks. 


This is not your average navy floral sock. Aime has all the most advanced sock-tech available today. Including a completely flat-toe seam because no one likes to feel seams, an arch support to keep the foot from moving in the sock, and a deeper heel contour so your foot sits down securely as it should.


Also, most importantly, Aime also has the latest version of our patented silicone SmartGrip technology that keeps the socks in place and exactly where you put them on the leg. With all that tech wrapped the softest yarn known to man – Bamboo, it’s hard to believe they’re environmentally-friendly too.



Medium / Regular Fits Shoe Size

  • Fits Men Size - 8-13
  • Fits Women Size - 9-14

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